These are the longest serving leaders in Europe

The Finnish leader Urho Kekkonen tops the list of European presidents, prime ministers, and chancellors with the longest time in office since the Second World War.

The German chancellor Angela Merkel is working her way up the list of the European leaders with the longest tenure. She has been in power for more than 11 years.
  • Øystein Kløvstad Langberg

Angela Merkel is set to run for a fourth period as chancellor of Germany.

She is the longest serving of the current leaders in Europe, but still has a long way to go to beat the record holders in Europe after the Second World War.

Measured by total tenure, the former Finnish president Urho Kekkonen tops the list with almost 26 years in office, ahead of the Swedish prime minister Tage Erlander with 23 years, and the Norwegian prime minister Einar Gerhardsen with 17 years.

Merkel is set to beat the former chancellor Konrad Adenauer if she is reelected, but will most likely have to run for a fifth term in order to overtake Helmut Kohl who was in power for 16 years and 26 days.

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